Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Location: Williamsburg, Virginia, USA
2013 attendance: 2.73 million
2014 attendance: 2.70 million (down 1.0%)

Formerly known as Busch Gardens: The Old Country and Busch Gardens Europe, Busch Gardens Williamsburg is sub-divided into a number of themed lands, each of which is based on a European country (with the exception of New France, which represents French Canada). The park is renowned for two things: immersive theming, and its line-up of major roller coasters. Apollo’s Chariot is frequently ranked among the best roller coasters in the world, while the Curse of DarKastle dark ride is regarded as one of the best of its type outside a Disney or Universal park.

Don’t miss: The secrets of Germany’s Black Forest come to life in the multi-launch family coaster Verbolten With impressive special-effects and unimaginable scenery, a tandem ride through the woods turns sinister thanks to snarling vines and a first-in-America secret hidden in a dark showbuilding.


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